Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Noah and Mina's Story-3rd Trimester

Finally I reached the third trimester. Everything was still going great and there was an end in sight to the bedrest. I was released from the bedrest at 34 weeks...kind of. I was only allowed one outing a day, and it had to be mostly sitting down. For instance I could go to Wal-Mart, but I had to ride in the little carts. My friends made sure I had a fun. We all went to lunch, to Target, and had a blast. It was also the same week as Thanksgiving so I got to be released in time to cook my very first Thanksgiving meal.

At 35 weeks and 3 days I started feeling a little trickle everytime I would stand up. I called my doctor who advised me to go to the hospital and get checked. I still had the cerclage in. The game plan was that I would have an amniocentisis at 36 weeks to check the babies lung maturity. Then the cerclage would be removed. If the lungs were mature, I would have a c-section that day, if not we would see how far I could go without the stitch. The reason they remove the stitch is because if you go into labor with it in, you can rip through it permantly damaging your cervix.

So I went to the hospital and they did not think my water had broken, but they noted contractions every 2-7 minutes. Since they were not regular though they sent me home to rest. The next day Jake's coworkers threw me a baby shower. I was feeling funky all day long. Really strong contractions and just a feeling of pressure between my hips. The babies had dropped. I came home and took a Benadryl and laid down.

Later that night some men from our church came over to help Jake finish the remodel on our new master bedroom. They completed it and we ordered pizza as a thank you. I was hurting so bad from the contractions that I could not eat. After they left I went and laid back down. My sister-in-law called to check on me and I was hurting too bad to talk. Jake told her I was having really strong Braxton Hicks. She said we should time them because they may not be Braxton Hicks. We timed them with her on the phone and holy cow they were coming every two minutes on the dot. she and Jake convinced me to go to the hospital to get checked out.

So at about 10 o'clock that night we went to the hospital. We were checked in and a monitor was put on. Sure enough it was labor, and pretty advanced labor. Now they were worried because I still had my cerclage, and it was still early to deliver if I didn't have to. They made the decision to try and stop the contractions for the night and let my doctor take out the stitch in the morning.

The next morning they come to take my stitch out. They tell me not to get too excited because a lot of times there will be scar tissue and the women will take days or weeks to dilate. However, since I was already in labor, this might not happen. They thought I would deliver in the next day or two. They use the speculem and cut the stitch. I have put a picture of it above. Then they check to see if I am dilated at all. Holy cupcake I instantly dialted to 4 and was fully effaced. There was no way I was leaving the hospital. They told my husband he could go shower at home since it was likely to be hours before anything happened.

A few minutes later I got real bad contractions so I called the nurse. She checked me again and I am dilated to 7 withing 10 minutes of getting checked the first time. She says I need a c-section now and they start prepping me. I had to call my husband and say turn around, come back! He never did get his shower. Poor guy. Next