Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Big!

The babies are growing so fast! It seems like I blink and they are doing something new. They are now eating solid foods 2-3 times a day, sitting up great, pushing up on all fours and rocking, mimicking our actions, clapping their hands, and trying to talk. If you go more than a day or two without seeing them, you miss so much.

Another kiddo who is growing so big is my nephew Zach. In some ways we profit from this as Uncle Jeremiah just packed up and shipped up a bunch of his clothes, but in other ways we miss out on so much. Last time I saw him he was just 3 months old, now he is walking and being a little ham. I can't wait until he and my SIL Dianne come to stay with us next spring. It will be so neat to watch all of the babies interact. I hope they can be as close to their cousin as I was to mine growing up.

Uncle Jeremiah, Aunt Dianne and Zach (wearing one of
the totally cute outfits they sent for Noah)