Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Other Family

Through the wonder of facebook, a mentor of mine has been posting older photos of all of us that have been a member of the church's youth group in the past 10-fifteen years or so. There were several of Jake and I when we were so young. I have been a member of that church for about 15 years now, Jake for 12-minus the two years we lived in Iola. We have built so many lasting friendships and have many mentors. We were both baptized in that church, married in that church, seen our children dedicated in that church, and on a sadder note, held Mason's funeral in that church.

Now, we will get the priveledge of seeing one or more of our children baptized in that church. This week Jamie accepted Christ and will soon be baptized. I don't know when, it will probably be a few months so that my family can come down, but it is truly neat to add another big event in our family to the things we have witnessed.