Friday, July 17, 2009

More Summer Reading Woes

Well the summer reading program is over. James had his reading done for weeks, it was Linda that would not finish. Last night was the end all deadline. Jake was taking them to cash in their bubble sheets and get their prize. All day long I tried to get Linda to finish reading, all day long she played around and fought me on it. When I left for class, Kimmie was here and she even tried. Linda just would not do it.

Jake came home and it was time to go. Linda was not done. Jamie cashed in his sheet and got to pick a free book. He of course picked a Magic Treehouse book which are his favorite. He also got his ticket that lets him in to the free day at Rock River Rapids. Linda will not get to go. I am so disappointed. We were hoping it would be a fun day for the whole family, but now she has to stay home. I just don't understand. I know she wanted to go, but I actually heard her tell Jamie that if she didn't get done, he should be able to take her on his pass. It is so frustrating. She skates through life trying to get everyone else to do her stuff for her. Even something like tying her shoes, she gets Jamie to do. I don't know how to fix this. For right now, maybe missing out on the fun will wake her up, but I doubt it. It is also so hard to know what is ADHD and what is Linda. I am just at a loss...