Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This and That

Things are well under way for the big birthay celebration this weekend. We have finalized the plans for a family/friends lunch at an undisclosed (for now) location. The presents are bought, but still need wrapped, and stuff has been bought in preparation for the friends staying the night. They are very excited.

Noah has two teeth now! He is also saying "Mama" on purpose now. I think Mina will be the first to crawl though. She is trying very hard. The are also developing very different personalities. Jake's cousin Kimmie was hanging with us yesterday and Noah was totally teasing her. He would hold his hands up like he wanted her to pick him up and when she would reach for him, he would pull them back down and laugh. He did this over and over again. I guess he has his Daddy's sense of humor.

On another note, I am considering taking this blog private. I have not reached a decision yet. In discussion with family members, they have said not to, there is no shame in telling the truth. I agree with that, but if it keeps someone from using this as manipulation in a way to fire up people then it is worth considering. However, to this person I say "Nice try" if you are going to tell people I said something in here, maybe you should make sure they can't go read the truth for themselves later. Also, thank you for cementing to Jake that his decision was positively the right choice. If he had any doubts, or any thoughts of changing it, you pretty much ruined it. If I make it private, or if I move it to a new location, I will let those of you know on the IC forum, or by personal e-mail.