Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday Blowout

What a weekend! Jamie and Linda had a blast on their birthday. They made out like bandits. Mike got them transformers and a high school musical microphone, Aunt Ronnie, Kimmie and Jordan got Linda dolls and a car for her new dollhouse , and Jamie a remote control car and G.I. Joe figurines. Linda got a CD player, CD's, a dollhouse, lots of clothes, jewelry, and tons of stuff for their dollhouse. Jamie got an awesome Stingray Chopper bicycle, tons of G.I.Joe stuff, clothes, stuff to make paper airplanes, and two remote control cars. Aunt Dianne and Uncle Jeremiah sent them each some cold, hard, cash folded into airplanes and hearts. (Very creative Aunt Dianne).

The Dinner was a blast, lots of family and friends. James and Linda got a free sundae, which was "awesome". They each had a couple of friends stay the night it was chaos, but they had so much fun. I will post pics later. For now, Mommy needs a nap.


Stephanie said...

I need to make a correction. =) Aunt Dianne says Uncle Jeremiah was responsible for the money airplanes and hearts, so thank you Uncle Jeremiah, they loved it!