Monday, July 6, 2009

Carnivals, Fireworks, and Swimming..oh my!

What a busy week. Our church had a lot of activities this week. Monday we went for a free swim at the local pool. James and Linda got to swim, and go down an awesome water slide. Wednesday night our church had a sort of carnival to try and reach new members. There were several inflatables there and the kids had a blast. There was one where the kids wore a velcro suit and jumped on a velcro board to try and stick to it. It was hilarious to watch. Firday night brought more swimming and then Sunday we spent with my Uncle and cousins. The kiddos shot off a ton of fireworks, ate a three foot long gummy snake, had bar-b-que, and watched in awe at some of the big ones. The babies are amazing, they are so mellow. The had their first swim and watched their first fireworks all without tears or fear. They just took it all in stride.

This weekend is Jamie and Linda's birthday. I found an awesome dollhouse for Linda off of craiglist and James is getting a bicycle that looks like an american chopper. They are also getting an assortment of other gifts as well including a CD player. We have a special outing planned during the day with friends and family, and then both kiddos are having a couple of friends stay the night. (Wish us luck). I will post pictures, it should be exciting.