Monday, July 13, 2009

Game Boy Fever

James and Linda have been doing chores for an allowance. They have been saving their allowance for several weeks. Then they recieved money from my grandparents, and their aunts and Uncles for their birthday. The total with their allowance added up to about $50 each, an amount I never dreamed of when I was eight. Anyways, Jake told Jamie that he could buy a used Gameboy Advance from GameStop for about $20 dollars. Jamie's eyes lit up. So Jake took them to Game Stop and they both ended up with a Gameboy and a couple of games. Since then, Jake, Jamie, and Linda have been glued to their Gameboys. I hear one of the kids several times a day say "Dad, can I have my Gameboy back now!" LOL, I guess I know what I will be getting Jake at the next holiday.