Thursday, March 19, 2009


Linda has been diagnosed with possible Reactive Attachment Disorder. This comes with a variety of interesting and aggravating behaviors. Basically, these children have been hurt so bad in their lives that they are scared to attach to anyone or anything. So they try to push away the ones that try to love them. Linda has been on hunger strike lately. Apparently the control over us and not being able to make her eat is more important that food to her. Sigh, it is very frustrating, but if we show we are frustrated than she wins. God give me strength....

Spring Break

Ahh Spring Break. A time of relaxation and enjoyment...not. 3 sick kids, 1 sick husband, cold weather, and one tired mom. Poor Jamie and Linda have not gotten to do much fun because it has been too cool to take the babies outdoors for long periods. Jake was calling the dinosaurs for two days and Linda, Noah, and Mina have the sniffles. Poor babies woke up at three a.m because their noses were so clogged up that they couldn't breathe. Nothing like burning the midnight oil with the snot sucker to perk up mom. On a lighter note, tomorrow is Chuck-E-Cheese day for our church so hopefully everyone will be healthy enough to attend.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flat Head Trouble

I took Noah and Mina to the doctor for the sniffles, and to my dismay the doctor said that they are starting to get flat spots on their heads. He suggested more tummy time and angling them on their sides. They hate tummy time! Two minutes of this and they are angry little babies. As for turning them on their sides, they just use their legs to turn their heads right to their little flat spots. Sigh...We may need more thought.