Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Be Fruitful but don't multiply

For all of my friends on the IC blog faced with hard choices. Incompetent Cervix is a devastating thing to be diagnosed with. Some women can carry a pregnancy successfully with a cerclage, other women face multiple losses. For us, any more children would mean 6 or more months of bedrest, another cerclage, and the risk that more than likely I could not carry again. In fact, they are not really sure how we carried this time. We were truly blessed. However, having already lost one baby, we had to decide if we could do that again. I know in my heart that I could not bury another child. There is also the fear that comes with the pregnancy. I spent the whole pregnancy in a constant state of fear and anxiety. It is a terrible way to live. We decided after careful consideration that I would get my tubes tied. Although it was hard to do such a permanent thing, for us we felt it was our best option. I get sad sometimes to know that I never get to experiance pregnancy and the joy of a new baby again, but I still feel it was right. I hope this helps some of you faced with this decision. Feel free to send me questions here, or on the IC forum.