Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things that make you feel old

I have 3 little sisters. Julie is 2 years younger than myself, but then there is a big age gap with Karen being 9 years younger and Anna being 12. Julie is married and was stationed in Alaska, Karen and Anna are 19 and 16 and live in Missouri. For the record during the time I was pregnant one sister lived in Alaska and the other two were students and/or under-age and in no position to throw me a baby shower so the idiotic comment made by one person about them throwing me a baby shower is absurd and just plain stupid, one of many similiar such comments. Plus, even though they couldn't attend the shower, they at least made an effort to send a gift, and/or call the day of the church shower in which anyone was invited to. ( I had to get that off my chest).
Anyways, back to the feeling old. Karen called me yesterday to announce her engagement! She still seems like a baby to me. I know I was engaged when I was her age, but still, sniff, she is one of my baby sisters. For the record, she has been dating Josh for four years and he is a really nice boy and obviously smitten with her. He reminds me a lot of Jake at that age. I think he's great, but it still seems to young. However, I support their decision and I guess we will be making another family trip to Missouri soon. I have put on here a pic of the ring and a photo of the happy couple. (Isn't she beautiful).