Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sick Kiddos

The poor babies finally caught the Alaskan moose flu. I took them to the doctor yesterday and they both have an upper respiratory infection with conjuctivitis (pink eye) and poor Noah has an ear infection as well. It is all caused by the same form of strep bacteria. They started antibiotics and eye drops and should be fine in a few days. This is the sickest they have ever been and your heart just breaks for them. They are so congested. Jake has been sleeping on the couch so they can sleep in their swings where they are more upright to help them breathe. He insists on doing it and won't let me take a turn. He is such a good dad. Anyways, I hope James and Linda miss out on it.

On another note, they finally finished the summer reading program at the library. They will both get prizes and get to go to a free special family day at Rock River Rapids. They are super excited. VBS starts next week to, so it should be a great week for them. Wish me luck as I am a helper for VBS too. Should be interesting.