Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

The babies have been getting closer and closer to walking. They are pulling themselves up and climbing on everything, as well as furniture cruising. Today I got a box in the mail from Aunt Dianne and Uncle Jeremiah. We love getting those boxes, they are always full of goodies. This one was not to disappoint. There was sippy cups that Zach loves for the babies to try, a movie for Jamie and Linda, little army trucks for Mason's headstone (Thank you Jeremy, you have no idea what that means to us) and the babies' birthday present early. The cool thing about having a cousin just a few months older is getting to hear about all of the neat gadgets and toys that he loves. Their birthday present is a set of Walking Wings. If you have not heard about these, they are really awesome tools to help your baby walk without breaking your back. They have worked great for Zack so I can't wait until Jake gets home to try them with the babies.

On another note, the babies are getting older and formula will soon be a thing of the past. I worried for poor Mina because the only thing that has helped with her chronic constipation is some Soy formula in every bottle. I have been mixing half soy and half regular. Aunt Dianne suggested that I try soy milk in her sippy cup. I bought the Very Vanilla Silk which is Zach's favorite and tried it out. The babies love it and it worked like a champ. I am loving the fact that it is much, much cheaper than the soy formula. Aunt Dianne, you rock!