Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adventures at the DAV

I had to go into the city recently and while I was there I decided to stop by the DAV. I have a hard fast rule that I won't buy anything from the DAV unless it looks brand new, and is completely modern. That being said, some of Linda's cutest jeans came from the DAV. I was not to be disappointed this time. I took all four kids by myself. Since Jake has not been getting home until after the kids are in bed, and has been working weekends I have been learning what it can feel like to be a single parent. It is not so bad, I push the babies, and Jamie and Linda take turns pushing the cart of groceries/other goods. Anyways, I found several things for Linda and Noah, but it was slim pickings for Jamie and Mina. However, while we were there we found rack after rack of Halloween costumes. There was a huge selection! That was not what we went there for, but Jamie and Linda soon found costumes they loved and begged for. Linda found a Barbie costume from the Pegasus movie and Jamie found an awesome Harry Potter costume. I also found a motorcycle jacket for Jamie to go with his leather gloves and his chopper bike. I can't wait to get pictures of him in it. This will be the least expensive Halloween ever! Noah is going to be a caterpillar courtesy of Jeremiah and Dianne and Mina is going to be a ladybug courtesy of Kimmie and Jordan. That means costumes this year for four kids cost me..wait for it...eight dollars! Woohoo, somewhere my pocket book is celebrating,