Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take a knee

Ok, here is the background for the following story. My SIL Dianne has been really working hard at getting into shape. Now seeing as she was perfectly thin to begin with, I kind of felt a little ashamed at my own shape seeing as how I am not perfectly thin. So with daily encouragement from her, I have been trying to work out more and be more athletic. One of the ways I have been working out with is a dancing video that teached you all of these really cool dances. Linda loves this and her and I would don various exercise outfits and work out together. Another way has been to walk to pick up Jamie and Linda instead of drive which is about a mile and a half uphill one way pushing twins in a stroller. Well this weekend we decided to have a family outing and go bike riding. We have a trailer for the babies so we put them in their coats, covered them with their blankies, gave them a sippie cup of juice and off we went. We biked from my house which is on the north end of town, to Jakes aunt's house on the south side of town, stopping at the cemetary to visit Mason and my Aunt Jill's headstone. This was quite a long ways. We were on our way back when my legs began to get tired. Jake and I got off of our bikes and were walking and pushing them for awhile. The pedal of my bike came up and hit me in the back of the leg and somehow that made me react funny and my knee completely bent all the way forward and then twisted to the side. I started trying not to scream and Jake pulled up my pant leg to look and wahlah! There was my knee cap, not on the front of my leg where it should be, but laying more on the side of my leg. The pain really hit then and I hit the ground. When I landed my knee cap kind of popped back into place, which hurt even more. So right there in front of all of my children I cried. I figure better to cry than cuss right? Well now we are in a pickle because I can't walk on it, and we are still a few miles from home. We finally called my uncle who came to pick me up and drive me home. At this point my knew is swelled up about 10 times its normal size. We called the doctor because I am too cheap to pay out of pocket for an ER visit. I go tomorrow for an MRI and I am seriously hoping it is just a sprain and not anything requiring surgery, but I doubt it given the fact at how swollen it still is. It is really hard to be a mom on crutches right now.

In other news I have some pictures to share. One is of a picture Jamie colored with watercolor. I thought it was a very awesome picture of a cow for being in watercolor and I am very proud of it. Another is one of my dad with the babies. He came into town last weekend by himself and took this picture to send to my mom and make her jealous. The third is one of Noah with a saber. My mom bought it in Muldova for Jake and Jake let Noah hold it and the resulting smile is probably the most ornery look I have ever seen Noah do. I hope you enjoy them, I will update on my knee after my appointment.