Thursday, October 8, 2009

H1N1 is the loneliest number....

Now Linda has the dreaded virus. We were all started on anti-virals so it seems to be much milder with her than with Jamie. Her fever never got over 101 degrees while Jamie's hit 104. She is now in quarantine as well. She has her toys, gameboy, and the portable DVD player. I feel so bad for them, so several times each day I don my mask and bring them special treats like suckers, popsicles, lemonade, halloween candy, cookies, ect. They are probably going to come out of this illness much chunkier than they went in, but it's ok, it will not hurt either one of them to gain a few.

The reason all of the precautions are necessary is because the dreaded Swine Flu is mostly a young persons illness. It primarily only becomes serious in the young. Infants under 2 are especially vulnerable and the babies being premature are even more so. They are taking anti-virals, but an ounce of prevention so they say. They are not allowed back at school before next week so that is a long time to be cooped up. However, since Jamie has the VCR, Jake went down and found a bunch of cool movies on VHS that we had forgotten about. Jamie has been watching DragonBall Z, Star Wars, Shrek, Ducktales, Chip and Dale, and many other movies he had never seen before due to the invention of the DVD. He loves the newer Star Wars and Shrek's, but we don't have the original on DVD so he had not watched them in years if ever. Linda is watching all of her favorite movies on the portable DVD player so she is thrilled to get to watch all of her Barbie movies without having to hear about it from Jamie.

Christmas is looming just around the corner. We are trying to come up with idea that don't cost as much since in this economy money is tight for everyone. We have two TVs around here that are not in use. I think for one of their presents, we will call Cox and get cable hooked up in their room and give them the TVs for Christmas. That is a huge present, I would have been thrilled to have a TV in my room growing up. I didn't have my own TV until I was 19 and bought my first place. Jamie has been jealous of Linda's CD player, so I think he will get one too. Then we wil lprobably buy movies, CDs, and clothes. Maybe just a few toys. I know we need to go put stuff on layaway soon.

I have been so busy playing nurse that I haven't taken very much pictures lately. I do have two adorable pics Kimmie took of Mina. The first is of Mina grinning because Kimmie was here, and the second is Mina sad because she is leaving. I am also posting two flashback pics of the kiddos when they were little that Becky edited and I thought canme our really cute.