Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do not cast your pearls before H1N1

I know, it does not have the same ring as Swine Flu. Still, that being said it has come to our house. Jamie began running a 104 degree fever out of nowhere last night. I took him to the doctor today and he tested positive for the flu. They are 99% positive it is H1N1. The CDC is not allowing for tests to be sent in due to the fact that they are overflowing. That being said, given that flu season hasn't even started yet, and Jamie's age, they are positive he has the dreaded Swine Flu. So poor Jamie is in quarantine. Per doctor's orders, he has to wear a mask when he comes out of his room, and we have to wear one to go in. Our house permanently reeks of Lysol and hand sanitizer now. The rest of us were also started on an anti-viral to help prevent the spread of the illness. We are all fine for now, but we are very concerned for the babies. What a scary season this flu season has turned out to be already. Oh and poor Jamie was so excited because he was getting baptized this weekend and now that has had to be postponed. I am bummed because my mom and sister were going to come down and now that will have to wait as well. However, Jake hooked up a TV, VCR, and Sega Genesis in Jamie's room so right now he is in hog heaven if you pardon the expression. Here is a pic of Jake sporting the latest fashion accesory at our house.