Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Update on Me

My doctor called and the pathology results are in from my D&C. No cancer! Woohoo! I guess he was genuinely concerned about that because none of the tumors or black spots were there when he did my c-section 10 months ago. They had grown that fast. Yikes. The plan now is to wait about a month, and if nothing has changed, than we will have to do a hysterectomy. He is trying to wait on it because he does not want to put my body through the trauma of another surgery so soon. It would be my fifth one since November 2007. All related to reproductive parts. I know many of you can understand since many of you have undergone the same procedures due to IC. However, I must admit that my quality of life will improve once I have had the hysterectomy and will no longer have to deal with this. I truthfully am ready for it to be over.