Monday, October 26, 2009

Hop A Long Stephanie

Well it's official, my knee is dislocated. I went to the doctor today for x-rays. They were able to kind of get it back into place and I have a brace that goes from my hip, to my shin that immobilizes my leg. I also have crutches for at least the next two weeks (just what every mom needs). I go back in two weeks and if there is not signifigant improvement then I will be referred for surgery. Sheesh. What a rough past couple of years. Also it is my right leg which poses a problem for driving. Sheesh.

In other events, Kimmie and I had to go bail Maggie out of the slammer today. For those of you that don't know, Maggie is our very hefty, very old, but very sweet beagle. Linda left the gate open and Maggie got out and was picked up by animal control. $80 later, Maggie is home safe. When I called the pound to see if they had her they told me they had a beagle that was described as "very, very friendly, and very, very fat. Yep, that sounds like her. So she is back home, but sheesh how expensive for a few hours in the slammer. Oh, and Noah broke a mirror today so I am afraid of what that will cost me. Hopefully because he's a baby, the bad luck clause does not apply.