Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hand me Downs

A few posts ago I wrote about the cyst Noah has on his hand. I guess it is extremely rare to see this type of cyst on a baby. I recently discovered that my grandma has a cyst in the exact same spot on her hand. Weird how genetics work. Anyways, when we took him to the doctor a few months ago, the plan was to leave it alone until he was older unless it kept growing, or seemed to be bothering him. Unfortunatly, it has grown, and does seem to be bothering him. I am worried because if we try to remove it, it will involve him being put to sleep since a baby is not likely to sit still while it is done. However, he has started to keep that hand curled in a fist when he is crawling, and he flinches if you touch it. I will be taking him back to the doctor for a consult. I hope we can avoid surgery, but it needs to be taken care of.