Saturday, February 20, 2010


I had my hysterectomy on Wednesday. The surgery went well, but I have had some major complications with my blood pressure afterwards. After my surgery, my blood pressure kept plummeting. At it's lowest it was 52/32 which is dangerously low. It still has not gotten completely up to normal, but it is doing better. I was slipping in and out of consciousness during the drops so it made for an interesting time. I am home now and being well taken care of.

I am going to answer a few questions that I hear a lot. Yes, they left my ovaries. Due to my clotting disorder, I cannot take estrogen so they had to leave them in. So far I am fine on help as Jake's cousins have been taking really good care of me and my family. Yes, it hurts. Not so much the incisions, but the inside of me aches. Yes, the made 5 one-inch incisions and then a big vaginal one to pull it out from which is closed with 9 stitches. Yes, they took my cervix as well. No, I am not having very much bleeding at all. No, St. Joe's did a lousy job and I would not recommend it to anyone. No, I am fine on meals, our wonderful church family is providing meals for awhile.

Thank you so much for all of the gifts, balloons, candy, flowers, food, e-mails, and phone calls. I really appreciate the outpouring of love and support. Jake's cousins Kimmmie and Becky have been wonderful. Kimmie stayed with the babies during my surgery, and Becky kept Jake company at the hospital during the 3 hours I was in surgery. Kimmie and Becky brought me a teddy bear and inducted me into the Hyster-Sisters club. They both have one and it is tradition. Jake was so sweet and bought them Roses as a thank you. Dianne sent me the cutest smiley face mug and flowers which just brightened my whole day. My friend Melissa sent a giant balloon that played "Don't Worry, Be Happy" every time it was bumped. Mina and Noah had a great time with it until it got into the ceiling fan and got popped. Jamie and Linda made me adorable pictures and have been so loving ever since I got home.

If you know Jake's cousins, you know they are very much involved with the tattoo world. When James and Linda were little and they would watch them, they would come home covered in tattoos. Well, they decided Noah and Mina were old enough and I now present you with Noah and Mina's first tattoo experience (Pics courtesy of Becky).