Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogs I Love

Here is another blog I love to read. The blog is called "My Expected End". Marie is a teacher who has lost two babies due to Incompetent Cervix. She is trying to get the abdominal cerclage which should help her to carry closer to term. Not all doctors are willing to do this and she is facing difficulty. She tells her journey through infertility, grief, hope, and tears in a poignant way that hits very close to home for me. She through it all retains her faith and you can literally seem to feel her need for Jesus through her struggles. I hope you will all find it as dear as I do. I highly recommend it for those of you with IC. Here is the link.


Marie W said...

Thanks for the love! I always say if anything good comes out of losing two babies, its that I have allowed God's love to shine through. No matter what we go through, He is still in control of every situation and He still desires good for us! My expected end may not be here now, but it is on its way because He promised. And we know he is not a God that lies. Sending love and hugs your way!

Stephanie Shaw said...

Thank you so much Marie, I am praying for you to recieve your expected end as well.