Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't Send Your Kids To School Sick!

Oh, this irritates me! Parents that send their kids to school sick so that they infect other kids, who bring it home and infect their families. Come on! Four out of the six members of my family have Strep Throat now. Poor Jamie is the worst. He has barely eaten in four days and today wouldn't get out of bed until close to three. I hope he gets better soon. Jake wanted to take him to see Avatar this weekend. Jake has already seen it twice, but taking Jamie is an excuse to see it again for him. I liked the 3-D stuff, but I thought the movie was way too long. I was ready to go after like an hour and a half. But, Sci-fi is not my thing. Maybe Shrek in 3-D will be better.

Jamie missed the whole short week of school and both him and Linda missed their Valentine's Day parties on Wednesday. We had parent teacher conferences Tuesday night and Jamie's teacher said 8 kids were out with Strep. Jamie is doing very well in school. He is reading very, very well and his Math scores are good. His writing is really the only thing that needs improving, mostly because he rushes to get done and doesn't put enough detail. He is still in speech and his stutter has returned a little bit. His speech teacher said that is normal to have it come and go. It is still remarkably improved.

Linda is way behind on everything. She os about a year behind on reading level, her writing is several months behind, and most of her test scores show only a little progress. Her behaviors have improved dramatically as well as her social skills. We are going to be upping the amount of time she spends in Special Education and making a new plan for next year.

Noah weighed in at over 25 lbs. and Mina weighs 23 lbs! Noah is now heavier than his cousin Zack who is a few months older. However, Zach is taller and if you know their Daddies it makes sense. Jeremiah is taller and thinner than Jake. Jake is shorter, solid, and strong as an ox. Noah is VERY strong for his age, he is our little tank.

That's it for now, I have to go take care of sick kiddos. Wish me luck!