Sunday, February 21, 2010

God's Blessings

Wow, there are a lot of potentially great things headed our way. First of all, I have a second interview with a local company on Wednesday. Several people have called the people interviewing me and put in a good word so I am praying it goes well. If it does it means more money than I made at my previous job, better benefits, and Jake could go back to school. He is wanting to pursue his nursing.

The other really exciting news is that it looks like we are moving. We have not signed the contract yet, but it looks like it will happen. It is a gorgeous house owned by a family friend that I have known and loved for years. It is a two-story, gray brick house with double entry doors. It has 4 giant bedrooms, three bathrooms, a 2.5 car garage, a living room, a family room, a dining room, a patio, an enormous backyard with privacy fence and pine trees lining the fence, a nice basement with a carpeted office and carpeted family/playroom downstairs, plenty of storage in the basement, a kitchen with a breakfast bar and two seperate ovens, beautiful shelf window sills in the bedrooms and one hallway, a gray brick fireplace, main level laundy cove, lots of storage closets, and lastly, a chandelier. It is a large, lovely home that if we get we will probably never move again. It is truly a home you dream about, but never imagine you will get to live in. God's hand is really in this as because it is a family friend, it will be affordable for us as she is willing to work with us. The house is sentimental to her and she is willing to help us get it so that she won't have strangers in it. She wants is to have a family in it again. She is truly a lovely person, with a lovely family. I swear she is Heaven sent. We are most excited about having a garage that we won't have to scrape windows, more than one bathroom, and having some room. We are so grateful for the opportunity and will take really good care of it.

Before we move in, it is being remodeled with new paint, new carpet, new cabinet fronts, and general renovation. It will be like having a brand new house. We are so excited we keep pinching ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming. I will keep you posted on the progress. It is not set in stone yet because we have not signed the contract, but this is a great family and we are just waiting on remodeling and appraisal to be done.

In other news, I only have two more weeks and then I will have my Master's degree in hand. It will be so nice to finally be done and feel accomplished. It will also be nce to not have homework looming over my head every weekend.

That means our house will be going up for sale. We look to make 20-30 thousand on the sale of ours which will go for a down-payment on the new house. Our current house is getting a new roof and gutters next week and we are not foreseeing any problems selling it. Homes in our neighborhood have been typically selling in under a week because they fit well into the first time home buyers market. Plus ours has been remodeled to have a fourth bedroom which is rare in this neighborhood.

Whew, I read all of this back and I am so humbled by the blessings we are recieving. It is so rare to find a family so loving that they are willing to reach out to others like they are reaching out to us. Several people have personally called the people I am interviewing with to put in a good word, and so many have helped out during my recovery. Our God truly is an awesome God through any situation is life. We have seen this through Mason and through now. Praise God!