Friday, September 25, 2009

The saga continues

I had my D & C today. It went well I guess. I came out of anesthesia weeping for Mason. That has happened to me every time I have had a procedure since his passing. Kimmie was there to help calm me down and I don't remember most of it, but it was the uncontrollable weeping of the broken hearted. Kimmie went and got the babies early from a church friend so I could snuggle them and heal a little.

The doctor found some things in my uterus that concern him. He sent them to pathology to be analyzed. He said he is not optimistic that this will fix the problem and believes I may need a hysterectomy. I go back in two weeks. I am not upset about the hysterectomy, I have been told I can't carry any more babies anyways. He would leave my ovaries so it would judt mean no more periods ever. That does not sound bad to me at all.

Just an FYI, several readers have complained about not being able to post comments on here. I have no idea what is wrong. Please just contimue to leave me comments on facebook, the IC forum, or e-mail and I will respond there. I welcome any of your anesthesia stories. Does anybody else seem to have weird reactions?