Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After years of trying other alternatives to no avail, we were finally able to get Linda into the Special Education program at her school. She will have a special education instructor sit with her for two and a half hours during the day, primarily during math and reading which are the areas she tested lowest in. Their primary job will be to keep her on task, repeat anything she may have missed, and help her focus during tests. I really think she will thrive under this because she craves adult attention and strives to please during one on one time.

I am anxious to see the results because I have said all along that Linda knows more than her tests show. I firmly believe that if she could be verbally tested, she would do so much better. I am curious to see how she will do on a test with somebody right there to keep her on task. Right now her math and reading levels are testing on a beginning first grade level, which is not great considering she is in second grade, but we held her back so it should be third grade.

On a positive note, the school social worker had some really positive things to say. She said when Linda first started kindergarten she showed very little emotion, and almost no empathy for others. The past few years she showed emotion, but it seemed faked, like she knew she should be sad so she would over dramatize crying. This year the social worker says she sees genuine emotion, and Linda has shown large amounts of empathy for other students in trouble. That is very encouraging to us. I know that Linda is incredibly sweet and tender with the babies. I have never seen her be anything but sweet and loving to them. She loves to sing and talk to them and they grin everytime they see her.

I am really encouraged and I pray that we continue to see positive changes in Linda. We still continue to see a family counselor to help guide us in raising her and I feel that he has made a difference as well. I will keep you posted on her progress.