Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Few More Gray Hairs

Well Mina gave me one of the many scares I am sure I will have in my raising of children. The babies have slept in our room in their bassinet parts of the pack n plays since they came home from the hospital. Every time we thought about moving them into their own room, they just seemed so little we couldn't do it. However, they have officially outgrown the bassinet part, and the playpen part seems really uncomfortable so I decided to try the transition to the crib today. I should note that both babies pulled themselves up to standing for the first time today.

Well I decided to try the cribs during naptime. I laid them down, kissed them goodnight and crept out of the room. Not 1 minute later I hear a thud followed by silence. I sprint back to the room to find Mina on the floor trying to cry. I think she had the wind knocked out of her. Once she caught her breath she began screaming this horrible scream that is usually only reserved for shots. I snatched her up and began looking for battle wounds. I couldn't see any, but she was still crying so I loaded her into the car and rushed her to the doctor. An hour later she is all smiles because she got to see Daddy, get lots of attention from the nurses, and is just fine. Kimmie had rushed over to stay with the other kiddos so she had a rare moment of Mommy and Daddy alone time. She really hammed it up for the nurses who tell me everytime they see her how beautiful of a baby she is, just stunning.It could have been a really bad fall because their room is hard wood floor. However, I had taken the crib bumper out of her bed and put it on the floor (they say to for SIDS), and I think she landed on that. We think she was able to use her mobile that attaches to the crib as a step and that is how she got over the side. No more mobiles, they never even got used, I guess that is another item for Craigslist.