Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Little Nippers

Both babies are cutting more teeth. Noah has two bottom and is cutting his two top teeth. Mina has two bottom teeth and is cutting another bottom tooth. Out of order I know, but my mom says I cut my molars first. I guess we just like to be different.

Along with new teeth come new foods to try. They are getting to where they want big people food instead of baby food. This week they have sampled cheese, yogurt drops, ham, turkey, noodles, and mashed potatoes. Noah very much likes the meat and potatoes, while Mina likes the noodles and sweet foods. They have also had small tastes of Jake's ice cream. I am happy to announce that there does not seem to be any problems with milk products with these two yet. We have been watching because there are two other kiddos in Jake's family that do, although their cousin Zach only seems to have a problem with straight milk.

They are getting very self sufficiant at feeding themselves. It is so funny to watch them. They eat these poofs that are Gerber first foods and we will put some yogurt drops on their tray as well. They will study their tray, pick out all of the yogurt drops and eat them first. It is so cute. However, as the title of this blog states, if you put it in their mouth, it becomes fair game. This includes mom and dad's fingers.