Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a day. I am still waiting on Noah and Mina to take a long nap at the same time so that I can write the long blog that I need to continue their story. Things have been so crazy. Yesterday we had lunch at the park with friends. The kids love getting to have a picnic and play with their friends. Then I had a couple of moles removed so I now have stitches on my face. Nice. Then we had Jake's soft-ball game. Jake did really well, he even did an impressive slide into base. At least that is what I thought it was until he informed me really just tripped and fell into the base.

Today was the babies six month check up. It is amazing how much they have grown. Noah weights 17.5 lbs now and Mina is 16.5 pounds. I was able to answer yes to every question except the one where they asked if they have any stranger danger. Nope, not yet. I really am not sure if they will. These guys have had the benefit of a wonderful church family who have loved them immensly since they were in the womb. Because of this they have many "grandmas" who love to come over and spend time just loving on them. They also have numerous "aunts and uncles" who snuggle them as well. It does my heart good when people come up and say to make sure we come to church on Sunday because they are working the nursery and can't wait to hold them.

They got three shots and this went much better than last time. We made sure we did not have the same nurse as last time so there was much less pain and tears. All in all it was a very productive day today. Exhausting, but productive.

The highlight of the kiddos day is when Jake comes home. Jamie and Linda love to tell him about their day and the babies just light up. We had a great evening tonight although we were bummed that the thunderstorms missed us. I have new pictures of the babies and kiddos that I will post soon. If you really want to see pics though, check out my facebook page. That will have the most up to date photos and a lot more of them. So just a short update for now, I hope to get back to the babies' story tomorrow.