Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home Improvement

I know I need to het back to Noah and Mina's story, but I have to be in the right mood to tell it, so I will continue the next quiet time I get when the mood strikes me.

Right now we have been working on the house. We have already carpeted over the hardwood floor in the living room to save the babies heads now that they are rolling everywhere. We also had to replace the front window mini blinds with venetian blinds which look much better. Here is a pic of Noah who jumped so hard while Daddy was playing Guitar Hero he wore himself out, note the new carpet. But we are still working on the nursery.

The nursery is our old master bedroom. The walls were cream colored with one burgandy accent wall. Nice for a master bedroom, a little much for a nursery. So we have painted the burgandy wall a soothing sage green and are repainting the cream walls with a darker cream color. Why green? Well until we are ready to buy a new house which will be several years, the babies will share a room. Therefore we have to do everything gender nuetral. My plan to make it gender nuetral colors, but Noah and Mina will each have their own little corner of the room that is gender specific.

I have bought these adorable wooden animals from Michael's that we are going to hang like a border across the top of the green wall. I also bought wooden letters which I hand painted pink with dark pink sponging "Mina" and tan with camo green sponging "Noah" that will hang on their own gender specific areas. I also have boy/girl themed shelves and little area rugs for their sides and one bigger gender nuetral area rug for the middle. To go along side their names are little wooden princess crowns for Mina and Monkeys for Noah. I also have the coolest mobile ever. I found a real disco ball at a garage sale and they are fasinated with the colors it spins. I think it will be cute, I will post pics when it is all done.