Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Today begins that yearly ritual where we celebrate the Father's in our life. We celebrated Father's Day with my dad when we were in Missourri with him last week. My dad is now the proud new owner of a AirHog remote control helicopter. Jake and him had a blast flying their helicopters around and crashing. I was glad he liked it because he is hard to shop for and it was kind of expensive.

Jake is the proud new owner of the Ghostbuster's game for the Wii. He had been dropping hints about it for weeks. I know him and Mike will have fun playing. The kids also made him pictures and showered him in hugs.

I was thinking last night about how lucky the kids are and what makes a great father. I finally decided that a great Father is the following things:

1. A good role model for his kids. Jake is a great father because he works hard at everything. He works all day at work, and then still helps around the house and helps with baby duty. He has never sat around and expected me to do all of the housework or baby work. This is exactly the kind of man I want my boys to be. Jake also spends quiet time with God everyday and is a great spiritual leader. He is human and makes mistakes, but the sum of his life shows that he is a man after God's own heart. Again, what I want for my kids.

2. He keeps his promises. Jake is honest, he never promises what he can't deliver, and if he says he will do something, he does it. They might not always like what he says, but they can trust it to be the truth.

3. He is not afraid to play. One of the things that makes him great is his ability to have just as much fun doing kid stuff as they do.

4. He puts their needs first. Enough said, the kids comfort comes before his own and that makes him great.

I know there is more, but I have a little girl needing changed. I close with Happy Father's Day Jake! We love you and are so lucky to have you.