Wednesday, January 6, 2010

That's one small step for giant leap for development (warning, baby constipation talk)

Mina finally started walking! I am so relieved, I was really starting to worry that there was a developmental delays. We knew that could happen due to their prematurity. A baby born at 35 weeks has only 75% of the brain development as a full term baby. Most babies will catch up by age two and they both were just fine on development at their last screen, but with Noah walking for months now I was starting to get worried. Yay Mina! I am so proud.

We are still really struggling with Mina's constipation though. Kimmie was watching them yesterday while I went to class (you are awesome Aunt Kimmie) and poor Mina was just grunting and then she was crying because it hurt so bad and was still making no progress. Jake came home and had to literally, manually help Mina poop. This involves taking a Q-Tip coated in vaseline and inserting it a little ways, then wiggling it to make her push. Then he has to push on her rectum while she pushes and sometimes try to use the Q-Tip to try and pull it out. This has to hurt her and we feel so awful when we have to do it. Usually we will only do it if she has stuggled on her own for most of the day, or if she has bleeding from struggling.

I called the doctor and he said that there will be an adjustment period on her system from switching to the milk. He put her back on the baby laxative daily and suggested we get her a type of yogurt called Yo-Baby to help. We also are to keep her on some of the lactose formula daily to help ease her into it.

Jamie and Linda are back in school and doing well. Linda thrives on a firm routine so I am glad to have her back on it. I just finished Employment Law and now I am on my very last class for my Master's-Corporate Law. I am so happy that the end is in sight. This is my last make up class from my bedrest and then I will officially have my degree in hand. I also have a big interview coming up. It will be my second interview for this position so I am really excited at the prospects. This is one of those great paying jobs with good benefits that would just really set up my family for financial success. In case you are wondering, Aunt Kimmie and Jordan will be at my house to stay with the kiddos. It works out great, she makes a little extra spending money, and I know they are safe and well loved. They love to spend time with her and Jordan and there is a special bond there. I would not go back to work if I had to leave them in daycare with strangers. If I get this job, once we pay off some more things than Jake is talking about going back to school for his Nursing degree. I know he will make a great nurse. I just paid off and closed both credit cards that we took out during the pregnancy. I lost my prescription coverage during the pregnancy and the prescriptions I needed to keep the babies and me healthy were almost $3000 a month. That all came out of pocket. After we cleaned out our savings, our retirement savings, and Mason's life insurance than we took out two credit cards to pay for them. I am so glad they are paid off and we are two steps closer to being out of debt. I have another $2000 or so in medical bills and then student loans, the house, and the car. I think we will take care of the medical bills and most of the car with taxes so I am eager to be debt free. We are going to try to have no debt except for the house in 5 years or less. The house is acceptable debt, plus it appraises for about $55,000 more than what we owe. I spoke to a realtor and she said that houses in Derby sell very close to their appraisal value so when we do sell that will give us a very nice down payment on a new place.

Whew, that is a lot to cover. I hope everybody elses New Year is starting off as well as our. Here's to more good news in 2010.