Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Faces

The babies are growing so fast. Mina is walking like crazy and Noah is running. We are still having stranger danger pretty bad, but it is totally normal. They do great with people if Mommy and Daddy are there, but if we are not, like at church nursery, they get very scared and cannot be comforted until we come back for them. Noah only made it about 15 minutes on Sunday. Poor baby. However, it is kind of nice to feel wanted and needed.

Along with growing up comes all sorts of new foods to try. They are doing very good with new foods. They will eat most stuff and love what we are eating. They also enjoy hamming it up in their high chairs and give each other the giggles over the littlest things. What childhood would be complete without the messy, funny face pictures? Here are some we snapped the other day.