Thursday, January 14, 2010

Products We Love

I am stealing this idea from maria's blog, but every once in awhile I will posts products or things my family loves and uses a lot. The first on is....

Wii Fit Plus

We love this product. It enables you to have fun while exercising. There are obstacle courses, run, biking, yoga, weights, and tons of fun games that get you up and moving. It also keeps track of you weight, BMI, and calories burned and graphs them for you so you can see your progress. Jake and I have been doing it every day for two weeks and are seeing results.

V-Tech Dancing Tower

The babies love this one. It encourages them to move and the bear dances on top and they sing and kick and have a great time. It even has a working microphone. And it has two sides so both babies can play together.

Fisher Price Busy Ball Popper

The babies love this toy. It plays music and then the balls pop out of the top. They love to chase the balls and put them back in that eat the balls and throw the balls and make mom look for the balls....good times.

Kid Cuisine

I love these. They are cheaper than a happy meal and so nice when you are in a hurry. Jamie and Linda love picking them out and making their own dinner. So nice for mom.