Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slim in 2010 (well, slimmer)

So begins another year and new resolutions. The past couple of years I have been hesitant to start a big weight loss program because we were trying to get pregnant, or were pregnant. This year that is not an issue so here I go. I am not really on a diet, I am just trying to eat better and eat less. I am just trying to make healthy substitutes for the foods I love and exercise everyday. Jake and I have been working out together almost every night for three weeks. We have both lost about 5 lbs. so far. It is not coming off super fast, but it is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. After my knee injury I have learned to not try too much all in one day. My sister-in-law Dianne keeps me motivated and checks in with me everyday. My dear cousin Kimmie is also trying as well so we keep each other accountable. I am so proud of her, she has given up Coke which is her favorite drink and has stuck to it. So this blog will also turn into a weight loss blog now too. I am hesitant to do it in case I fail, but maybe it will help keep me on track.

In other news, Jamie and Linda had their second grade "Panda Palooza" last night. They sang, danced, and played instruments. Jamie had a big solo. It was adorable. They both did really well and we are so proud. The pictures are very blurry because I was holding Mina and trying to take photos at the same time. She would move everytime I tried to take one. But they are better than nothing. Here is their second grade program.