Monday, January 18, 2010

Mish Mash

There is nothing really big happening just yet (although something may be in the works!) so I am just going to give an update on the little things. Mina is getting much more confident in her walking. She is walking the length of the living room without being prompted now. Noah is talking much more and learning a little bit of sign language.

Bedtime has been a breeze lately. James and Linda go to bed around eight on school nights and the babies go to bed around nine. Here lately all I have to do is say "Night-night time!" and both babies head to their bedroom. Mina usually gets distracted by toys once she gets there, but Noah goes straight to his crib, reaches his hand between the bars and gets his blanket and stands there until I put him him. After prayers and kisses we turn off the light and that is that. Wow, I have the best babies ever.

They are down to around two bottles a day before nap and bed. They are doing great with big people food and sippy cups. I am amazed everyday at how much they learn and what they mimic.

Jake and I have been exercising almost everyday. So far so good. We are not really on a diet, just trying to make smarter choices everyday. It has been going really well so I hope we keep it up. Some of our close family members are doing the same thing so the support is really nice.

I am not sure what has gotten into Linda lately. She is slipping in school and is a pain to put it nicely at home. She has just been an absolute snot to Jamie and is chucking tantrums like crazy. The biggest battle is getting her to read her book for homework every night. She will drag it out and not get it done the whole night. She has even thrown it at the wall until she has broken the spine in a tantrum. All of the time she spends not doing it she could have done it ten times. I am at a loss. Hopefully she will snap out of it soon.

That's it for now. It really was a mish-mash of information but at least we are all caught up now.