Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mason's Story Part 6

The funeral had begun. It started with the first song and then our pastor began to speak. If you are wondering how I can remember details, I have the funeral on CD and I listen to it often. Our pastor introduced us and Mason. He stated that when I announced I was pregnant a chorus a "hallelujahs" rang out in the church...and he felt that was still applicable today. I am a very open person with my friends, and a lot of my friends are from the church so most of the church knew of Jake and I's fertility troubles. Several knew we had done fertility treatments. Everyone was so happy for us when we found out we were pregnant and even more so when we made it past the first trimester. When we made it far enough along to find out the sex they were as ecstatic as we were. When it was told that I was in the hospital and that Mason was not expected to survive, I was flooded with visitors and phone calls. I felt so loved and prayed for. That is what my pastor was referring to.

After the introductions, the second song was played. We chose "A Living Prayer" by Alison Krouse. It is not your usual choice of song, but we had specific reasons for picking it. The song says "Take my life and let it be, a living prayer, My God to Thee." We wanted Mason's life to have meaning. That song was for me more that anyone, it would be a reminder to keep on going and to find a way for Mason's story to help people. It is what led me to start this blog, and what keeps me meeting with other women to help them through it. More next time.


Shannon said...

love you steph! you have been through so much, and still stand so tall.