Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Job hunt Update

Well, we have been praying about job opportunities since I was laid off. I had been applying out of state, but not really expecting anything to come out of it. Well, it turns out I was wrong. I have had two interviews with a company in Wisconsin by the phone, and now in December they are flying me to Milwaukee, proving a rental car for the rest of the trip and then putting me up in a Holiday Inn for the night. I will drive to the company in the morning for a series of five interviews lasting about 5 hours. Yikes, it sounds like they are pretty serious. It is a great company, very stable and I would be doing what I did in my former job. The pay is great, the cost of living is lower than average and the town is a little small town located on one of the great lakes. It is a very close knit community that is big on hunting and fishing. It sounds perfect, except it is not here. We would miss friends and family, but I think the hardest thing would be leaving Mason's gravesite. I know he is not there, but taking care of it is all I have left to do for him as his mother. Wow, so many decisions potentially coming up. Jake is very much on board with moving especially since the community is so into fishing and hunting. We pulled the local paper's website and right on the home page were pictures of the 10 and 12 point bucks bagged so far this year. Nothing is set in stone by any means, there are a lot of things that need to fall into place, but I wanted to give a heads up that the potential is there. By the way, the picture from this post is an actual photo of the town. Let me know your feedback.


Dianne said...

I think it is a wonderful opportunity if they offer you the position. Jeremiah and I enjoy living in new places and seeing new things. It will be scary at first, but you will make friends and make it work. Moving away is like a fresh start, drama free!!! We will come visit if you move up there! :)

Love you guys!

Shannon said...

it's hard to be away from friends and family (especially sweet Mason)...but they will always be there...and think of the blessing of calling and 'skype'. It sounds like a great opportunity! You'll make new great friends too! That's one thing I've loved about the few places I've lived since Mulvane. Good luck!!!!

Stephanie Shaw said...

Thanks guys, I think the best thing to do is pray right now.