Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Gift Note to Family

This is my annual Christmas blog to discuss gift giving. Jake and I through discussion with most of our family members have decided that this year will again be one DVD per family for the nieces and nephews. This means that all we want from the aunts and uncles with children is one DVD for all of the children to share, and we will be giving the same thing to our nieces and nephews. All of them, on both sides of the family. I am not playing games like last year, so this year I am saying it plainly, anything else will be donated to charity. Period. It is not fair for the families that can afford big gifts to buy them while the families that can't look like horrible aunts and uncles. 90% of the family agrees with me on both sides and will be following the same rules. If you have a problem with it, I am sorry, but this is our house and therefore our rules. I hope that everyone can be mature and respect other's wishes this year so we can all have a peaceful holiday season.