Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It seems like spring is finally here. We got a ton of rain and now things are turning green. The kids have been so excited to be outside running around. Jamie and Linda finally got bi enough to climb the tree in the front yard and since then have been like little monkeys. Noah and Mina are talking up a storm. Sometimes we can understand them, most times not. It is so cute though, they sit and have conversations with each other for hours and they seem to totally understand each other. Maybe it's twin language? Aww spring, along with the warmer temps mean all of the projects we need to do to get the house ready for sale. New front window, power wash the house, new roof, new gutters, new paint in some rooms, peel the tape residue off the doors that has been there since we moved in, clean out the basement, remove the accordian doors in the basement, and a lot of smaller projects. Yikes

In other updates, I am finally done with school! I turned in my last assignment for my Master's and should have my degree in hand soon. It feels so good to have it be Tuesday and not have to go to class. I got my Master's in Business Law so it should help in my career. Speaking of career, I have a third interview with a local aircraft company this week so things look good there. I also had a follow up after the hysterectomy. I am healing very good and had most of the restrictions lifted. Mina and Noah went with and were the hit of the office. When the OB was doing his exam, Mina went right down to him and squatted down with one hand on his knee and would look at him and talk like she a doctor discussing what she saw. Noah (typical male) lit for the door and tried his darndest to get out of there.

On a weird note, Hollywood Video by Jake's work is going out of business and is having a big everything must go sale. I went in to check it out. My eyes saw a huge, wooden gameboy hanging over a TV on the wall so I asked them if it was for sale. The guy said he would just give it to me so now Jamie has the coolest decoration for his room ever! Here are pics of tree climbing, and the big gameboy.