Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break

The kiddos are on spring break and since money is tight we will not be going anywhere this year. So I have decided it is time to give them some culture. I am a huge fan of classics, both books and movies. So this week we are watching Heidi, The Secret Garden, Peter and the Wolf, A Little Princess, and My Fair Lady to name a few. I am reading "The Boxcar Children" at night before bed and various other books during the day. I am excited that they are big enough to appreciate these now. I have already started the Laura Ingalls Wilder series with them and will continue those as well. Jake is attempting to lead them in Bible study and it is awesome to watch them grow in their faith with their father to lead them. They will hopefully remember that for years and pass it down to their own children.

This weekend we get to see Jake's nephew Zach for only the second time. My SIL Dianne's sister Sarah is getting married and since we are close with all of Dianne's family, we were invited. They live in Hawaii so we have not gotten to spend much time together in recent years. I am thrilled to get to see them and see how the babies all interact together. It is neat to have cousins your age. I spent a ton of time with my cousins as a child which has led to us spending time together now as adults. I hope they can have that same relationship. Jake is even off work on Friday so it is shaping up to be a great Spring Break.