Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

My old laptop finally got to the point to where it was costing us more money to maintain it than to buy a new one so I am blogging today from my shiny, brand new laptop! This will make blogging a lot easier since it can actually keep up with our high-speed internet. Unfortunately, all of my photos are on my other laptop so until I take new ones there are none to share. So today's blog is just my random thoughts.

A Pane in the Glass

Last weekend Jake's cousin and I had a booth at a local fall festival. We did well, but spending two days outside reaked havoc on our allergies. Saturday her daughter kept the kiddos for the day because Jake had to work. Sunday Jake brought the kids to the festival and they had a blast running around and seeing everything. Jake has been working a lot of overtime so it was nice for us to get to spend some time together as a family.

Sister Wives

There is a show on TLC called "Sister Wives". It follows a man named Kody and his four wives. It is different because they live like the average person, just with a lot of wives. I am fascinated by this because I cannot figure out how four women can know their husband is in another woman's bed and not want to claw his or her's eyes out. But it seems to work for them. They treat each other with respect and love which is so interesting to me because there are a couple of people I cannot get along with who are not even sleeping with my husband.How they can do it is beyond me. I keep watching though to see if someone will crack.

The Love of Christ

There is an elderly man in my town who for 30+ years has pushed his son on a custom made bicycle for miles everyday. The son in 32 years old and is blind, deaf, and I suspect has Cerebal Palsy. The man straps his sons feet and then pushed the bike. The son cannot pedal so the man is literally doing all of the work. I had always admired the man for doing this. Well, I ran into this man in Dollar General the other day and it turns out that this is not his son. He just took legal gaurdianship of the boy last year. But he is worried because he is getting older and does not know how the care for the boy will go. Through out all of this the man was just bright and smiley. He hugged my babies and told me how beautiful they all are, and then hugged me when my eyes were tearing up as he was telling me his concerns. I had always admired the man when I thought it was his son, but knowing it is not and he still daily, rain or shine, pushes him around town just moved me beyond words. What a shining example of the love of Christ. I pray that the man's health allows him to continue in this work.

Well this is all for now. I hope to have more pics for you soon. Have a great week everybody!


Big Daddy, Shorty and The Munchkin said...

You know about the whole sister wives, I am with you, I would kill my husband...but with that being said, someone made a really good point to me.

Why is it illegal to be married or act as being married-actually taking care of their multiple children and wives, but its not for a man to go out and have an affair...get a woman pregnant and then shirk his responsibilities...I dont agree with the whole sister wives belief...but for me it was a really good point.....

Stephanie Shaw said...

I also think that is a valid point and one I thought of as well when I heard they were being investigated. While I don't agree with the lifestyle, is it really the government's place to say who can and cannot live together as a family. Only the fist marriage is legal, he never tried to legalize any of the others so I am not sure what the problem is.