Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Sneak Preview

This past Friday there was a trick or treat party at a nearby city's police department. I was really bummed because Jake and I had planned on taking the kiddos, but then we got really sick. I am talking fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, the whole works. My cousin Jennifer had come over on Friday to help out and she and Mike decided to take Jamie and Linda to the trick or treating. It was a great idea. The kids put on their costumes and off they went. Jennifer and Mike even wore all black and badges that said "FBI". Everything seemed in place for a great night....until they got there and the lines were about three blocks long, and it was raining. Time for Plan B. They decided to go to a local Starbucks for Hot Chocolate and come back later. The kids don't get Starbucks very often so it was a big treat. They went back only to find the lines even longer, time for plan C, Mike's house. What is fun about Mike's house? Mike has a giant flat screen TV and a Wii. So the night didn't exactly go as planned, but they had fun anyways and here are the pictures to document it.