Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Highlights

It was so nice to have Halloween on a Saturday this year. We were able to visit all of our friends and family in the afternoon which left plenty of time for trick or treating. We visited my Uncle and his family, my grandparents, Jake's aunts, my old babysitter who is more like family, and Jake's cousins. The kids got to show them their costumes and get treats at every house. Then Jake and Mike loaded the babies in the stoller and it was off to trick or treat. My cousin and I followed behind in the car due to my bum knee. I was really upset about that because last year I was on bedrest and had to stay behind for trick or treating so it seemed really unfair to be laid up this year.

The kids made out so good! When I was a kid it was only the rich houses that gave out candy bars so you had mostly suckers and gummy things with a few chocolate bars. My kids on the other hand had only a few things that weren't chocolate out of 4 dillon's sacks worth of candy. Tons of snickers, M & M's, Paydays, Reeses, and other candy bars. Yum. We are going to be rolling in the candy for awhile.

After trick or treating we met up with Jake's cousins at our house and watched scary movies late into the night. Good thing it was time change so we at least snagged an extra hour of sleep. Here are a lot of pics for you to enjoy.