Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chocolate Makes It All Better

Hello my faithful friends. I am sorry for not posting in so long. I have been following your blogs though, I just have not had time to do one of my own. Last week was my church's Vacation Bible School. I was a crew leader so the babies spent the week in the nursery. It went ok, there were a lot of tears, but by the end of the week they seemed to do a little better. Better than mom anyway who caved in the last hour and went and got them early. It was a really neat experience, I am glad I got to serve in that way. It is so neat to see adults dressing up, singing and dancing all for the service of others. It was equally neat to see the children singing and worshipping God with the enthusiasm and openness that only children can do.

The babies picked up a virus so we have been laying low this week. So far it has not been too bad though. We think Noah may be allergic to hay though. He spent some time with some hay bales and when he came home he had scratched that had welted up everywhere the hay touched him and a terrible runny nose. Poor little guy, no more rolling in the hay for him for awhile, at least not without allergy medicine first. We are supposed to be having family photos taken this weekend, but I am not sure if that will be a go with all of the snot. The babies are also learning new words everyday, and can sign about 40 words. I am very pleased with how they are doing developmentally for preemies.

I have been very busy with my art and have completed several more pieces. I was very excited to start selling them and it is so cool when I see one of my pieces for sale in a fancy gallery. I am also doing stained glass now and have made some beautiful panels. Kimmie and I are talking about selling our two ceramic kilns and buying one digital one that is more suited for glass. I have also finally purchased a refurbished grinder so our workshop is taking place. We will spend this weekend trying to set up a work station in our basement until we move to the bigger house.

One night when the babies were sick, Jake and Aunt Kimmie decided to give them some pudding in a bowl and see how they liked it. The definitely liked it. I am still finding pudding in odd places though. Here are some pics of the night that I thought were too cute not to share. I plan on resuming normal blogging in the next few days, until then, enjoy.

Wow....Look at that face!

"How did that get there? No worries, I can get it."

Noah is upset that his pudding is gone and is using sign language to tell us he wants more.

And finally he is full and very sleepy.