Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sorry for the delay in posting. It has been crazy busy around here. I still have more pictures from spring break to post, I will try to get to those soon. Right now it is just a quick update. Easter weekend was wonderful. Friday night was a Tennebrae (shadow) service at our church. It was very powerful and moving. Saturday we worked on project around the house. We are still trying to get it ready to sell in the event everything goes through with the new house. Jake and I power washed 2 sides of the house. We took turns spraying, and then scrubbing the house with a mop. It is so white now. it looks wonderful. Jake trimmed bushes and I got part of the shed painted. Jamie and Linda made a friend on a street over and she came over to play. When her parents came to pick her up I found out I graduated high school with her dad. It is a small world. We still have more work to do, but it is coming along. Sunday I was at church for three services to sing in the choir. God was moving on Sunday with 10 people being baptized. The worship was amazing. Jake and the kiddos came for the middle service. The kids looked so cute. The girls had matching black and white dressed with pink sweater wraps over it. The boys had matching black and white polos. This upcoming weekend we are getting our pictures taken professionally and the outfits will look very cute in those. After church we opened easter baskets. The kids got both Alvin and the Chipmunk movies, wooden blocks, candy, and smaller items. We had lunch and then everyone fell asleep for awhile. Jake and I made a big ham for dinner. Mike came over for dinner with easter baskets for the kids as well. There were balls for the babies, a motorcycle for Jamie and an artist kit for Linda. We ate ourselves silly and then had cherry pie for dessert. Jamie ate 7 pieces of ham, 3 rolls, 3 helpings of green bean casserole, a big bowl of salad, 2 cookies, and pie. Where does he put it? We had a 7 lb. ham so there is a ton of leftovers. Jake's aunt was in from out of town so the kiddos even got to visit her. She has been gone for several months. Overall it was a great weekend, I couldn't ask for any better.