Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Blitz

Jake and I both have birthdays this month. Mine was last week and Jake's big birthday is this week. He moves into a new decade. My mother was here for the first time in years for my birthday. It was a fluke, my grandmother is in the hospital, but you take what you can get. I spent the day with Kimmie and then had dinner with my family and a Scentsy party with friends from church. Jake got me the best present. The week before Kimmie and I had gone to Kechi to a glass art place. I was so impressed by the are I saw. I told Jake how cool it would be to do that. So for my birthday he got me classes for Glass Fusing and Slumping. I am so excited, Kimmie will be going with me. I really hope to maybe find my niche.

I planned a surprise party for Jake last Saturday. Friends and family met us for dinner and then a show. It was a blast. I had ordered an 8 lb. gummy bear. Yes, an 8 lb. gummy bear. It is listed as The World's Biggest Gummy Bear. We arranged the gummy bear on a platter with cupcakes around them. On the cupcakes we placed gummy worms and smaller gummy bears all around. It was hilarious. The comedians at the show brought it up on stage to talk about it. Here is a picture of Jake and his "cake". It was a great day.