Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12 Month Well Baby Check Up

Today I took Noah and Mina to their 12 month well baby check up. They are right on track developmentally. Noah is walking everywhere and the doctor said Mina has the muscles to walk, she will just do it in her own time. They are both in the mid to upper sixtieth percentile for height and weight. This is amazing since one year ago their percantiles were under 2%. They had to get their shots and I was so glad Kimmie came to help because all four kids had to have shots and that would have been so hard to manage on my own. The babies had their normal immunizations and the kids and I had H1N1 and seasonal flu shots. Ouch! Anyways, all is normal. I wanted to share these pics Becky did for the babies' birthday. They are awesome and I love them.