Thursday, August 27, 2009

9 months and counting...(warning, adult content)

We went this week for the babies 9 month well baby check-up. It went well with just a few minor things. Mina is still not babbling or imitating people. She is however, my best crawler, and the best with major motor skills. The doctor is not concerned yet as she was a preemie and therefore may do some things a little behind. With her being right on track with everything else, plus alert, happy, and cooing, he is not too concerned. She weighed 19.7 lbs. and is 27 and 3/4 inches long.

Noah's check went very well with him doing great on all milestones. He is crawling, so not as speedy as Mina. The only concern was for his poor little winky. He was circumcised at around 3 months. They could not not do it immediately after birth because of weight issues. They needed him to gain weight before because the procedure can make them lose their appetite. I had been noticing that it seemed like some of the foreskin had reattached itself. Jake told me I just worry too much. It turns out I was right. The doctor had to fix it, so he basically just pulled down on the foreskin until it ripped away from the head and gave it back that nice little ring. Ouch! Noah only cried for a few seconds, but it looks just awful now. It has a red, raw, ring all around the head. Poor little guy. Now we just have to make sure we pull it way down, and slather it with Vaseline every time we change him until it heals. Noah weighed in at 20.12 lbs and was 27 and 3/4 inches. What a chunky monkey!

In other news, the kids are doing ok in school. James is doing great, but it is becoming painfully obvious that Linda is way behind the other kids. We are having a meeting next week to discuss a Special Education program for her. The kids both want to join scouts and we are discussing that.

Jake has been very busy at work and it only looks to get busier. Thank goodness for job security. He spends the weekend with his family just trying to relax whether its video games with Mike, or movies with his cousins. Oh, and speaking of family, a special thank you to Aunt Dianne for the boxes of stuff for the kiddos all the way from Hawaii. Thank you Aunt Dianne!