Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Noah and Mina's Story Part 1

I found out that I was pregnant when I was five weeks along. I was told by three doctors that I would need a cerclage in order to carry to term. At eight weeks I found out it was twins and was referred to a perinatologist to decide what we would need to do in order to carry. I was terrified at the thought of twins. I already had an incompetent cervix that caved under the weight of one baby, how in the world could I carry two.

I went to my first appointment with the peri. At this point I had changed OB's and had the most caring, and attentive doctor I could have hoped for. He really believed that I needed a cerclage as early as possible. My peri though, wanted to do a wait and see approach. She wanted to moniter my cervix weekly by sonogram and only do a cerclage if something changed. I was terrified of that because I was afraid something would change and I would not get the stitch in time. I cried, and pleaded with her and she finally agreed to do the stitch at 13 weeks. She also discovered I have a clotting disorder and would need to be on heparin shots twice a day to keep me from getting blood clots.

I slowly bided my time until 13 weeks. I was told by my OB to take it easy, no long walks or prolonged periods on my feet. My peri said no restrictions. It was just one of the many things they were polar opposite on. I always took the more conservative route.

Friday night I was 12 weeks and my employer had a big day for employees at the zoo. I went, but I was careful not to over do it. I sat on a bench while most of my family went through the exhibits. Saturday I had a few sharp pains all day. Saturday night I was sitting on my loveseat when I felt a really sharp pain. I stood up to switch positions and felt something warm and wet go all the way to my ankles. Jake had a buddy over, so I kind of slunk off to the bathroom. I thought I had peed my pants, how embarrasing. I get to the bathroom and pull my pants down and there is blood everywhere! I freak out and yell for Jake just as another sharp pain doubles me over. I was sure I was miscarrying. There seemed like there could be no way I could lose this much blood and have the babies be ok.

Jake rushed me to the emergency room. I was having horrible pains and gushing blood each time. The ER actually gets me right in. They tell me it doesn't look good and list it on my chart as a threatened miscarriage. They give me morpihine for the pain and send me over for a sonogram. The sonogram technician comes, I can't look. I am so afraid of not seeing a heartbeat. But, she finds one...and then two heartbeats! The babies seem fine despite everything that is going on. The ER sends me home with instructions to see my OB on Monday and stay on bedrest until then.

Monday comes and I see my OB he cannot find the source of the bleed. He puts me on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy.

Next time, the cerclage.